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“This is a must-have reference for librarians and children's literature enthusiasts. It is also a valuable resource for classroom teachers who wish to integrate award-winning books.”
“[T]he insider’s perspective on committee work will be of particular value to those professionals interested in serving on a committee as well as to readers who wonder exactly how the decision making process unfolds. … the authors make an effort to look at how style, composition, medium, palette, and other elements work together to successfully fulfill the Caldecott requirement of 'delineation of plot, theme, characters, setting, mood, or information through pictures.' … The 'For Further Consideration' section elaborates on some point brought up in the analysis and sometimes offers an interesting look at the author’s creative process … or the publishing process.This will be especially useful to readers who have never thought about picture book art beyond “cute” or “colorful,” and it provides a strong foundational vocabulary for analyzing picture book illustrations.”
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